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The ability to streamline your systems and give you full control over your business.


Less stress, more control.


(see also: Tamar Simai)

Find creative ways to make your systems more efficient and less reliant on manual tasks.


Work directly with your staff to teach them new systems and integrations, dividing your load and inspiring responsibility which produces more reliable staff.



Use existing tools and implement them into your current software to make them work for you and your business, saving you time.

Give you increased agency over your business, saving you time that can be spent where it is needed most.




A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.


In short, Tamar is a doer with a natural flare for organising any aspect of life and business. She thrives in the challenge of how to improve efficiency and better processes. 

Tamar is a private practice physio who has been working at The Joint Physiotherapy since 2017. In 2019, shortly prior to COVID, Tamar took over the role of practice manager. It was in this new role and the downtime during the first few weeks of COVID hitting our shores that Tamar had the idea for Tagence. 

She was given the blessing of time that without a pandemic wouldn’t have occurred; Time used to upskill in bookkeeping, website editing, clinic data analysis, integrations and practice management software amongst other things. Valuable skills that every clinic needs but often the owner does not have the time to undertake. 


TIME: Tagence was born with an aim to keep medical and allied health staff on the tools, all the while using her upskilling to streamline processes and optimise efficiency to enable you to redirect your valuable time towards areas where it matters most.  


EFFICIENCY: Tamar's unique approach is characterised by dedication and efficiency. She doesn't just provide advice and walk away; she rolls up her sleeves and works alongside your team to ensure the job gets done efficiently and effectively with solutions that complement and enhance what you’ve already built


TEAM: Collaboration is key to Tamar. She takes the time to truly get to know your staff, and will work closely with them to ensure the systems implemented are effective without compromising on your team's confidence. Tasks are completed to the highest standards. We don't settle for shortcuts; we're committed to doing the job properly.


CREATIVITY: What sets Tamar apart is her creativity. She tailors solutions that are unique to your business, not just applying generic templates. Every business is distinct, and its systems should reflect that individuality.​

Tamar is also proud to be recognised as an N.I.C.E expert, click here to find out more about her expertise and how it can benefit your business.

If you don't believe us, hear it from them.

No problem too small or too big.

Joanne Williams

Joanne Williams Physiotherapy

One of the most capable people I have had the pleasure of working with.

Jodi Hendler

Glen Eira Physiotherapy

Knowledgable, time efficient, and effective.

Dale Ischia

Melbourne Exercise Physiology Group

Unmatched expertise which has allowed our clinic to flourish.

Adam Joffe

The Joint Physiotherapy

The Details

Everything you need to know about the who, what, and how.








  • Third party payment processes

  • P&L reporting

  • Outstanding debt collection


  • Online payments

  • Bookkeeping

  • Utilise the functions in your practice management software

  • Switch between softwares

  • Automated forms and reminders

  • ​Templates for clinical notes

  • Email & letter templates

Admin Tools

  • Staff onboarding 

  • Procedure manuals

  • Team communication

  • Client communication

Onboarding & Comms

  • De-cluttering work space & stock room

  • Emails & communication

  • Stock management

  • Staff meetings & PD

  • Building maintenance

  • Tenant management



Small projects that focus on one key area of your business. For example, adding or editing item codes, adjusting stock processes, and onboarding new clients.

Quick Fixes

You don't currently have a practice manager and need someone to spend some time refining clinic processes – and managing them for you.

Practice Manager

You love what you do and what you trained for, and you've either recently opened a business to enable you to do that or you've been running one for a while. But, either way you don't know exactly what you'd like done. All you know is that you'd like someone else to work that out for you and manage the business side of things, so you can spend more time on the tools.

Time on Tools

You have all the staff you need but their time is spent completing daily tasks rather than innovating and transforming processes that no longer work. Tamar will spend some time in your back office, reviewing  your processes, working out ways to improve them, and then she’ll implement them and teach your staff everything they need to know.

Clinic Audit



Any Allied Health or Medical practice who...​

Is open to change.

Desires an improved workplace for their staff, and a better client experience.

Is ready to spend less time doing manual repetitive tasks and spend more time doing the things they love (and the things they do best).

Have a look at some of our Case Studies to see how we helped our clients.

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